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Man has knife in shoe: TSA foils man's flight plan finding sole-tucked knife

Man had knife in his shoe trying to board a plane in Detroit. The knife was "artfully" hidden in the lining of his shoe.
Man had knife in his shoe trying to board a plane in Detroit. The knife was "artfully" hidden in the lining of his shoe.
Video Grab from CBS NY 2

An airline passenger at a Michigan airport was arrested after the TSA found a knife 'artfully' tucked away in his shoe. It wasn’t as if this man just put the knife in his shoe and then stepped into the footwear, he actually had a place cut out for the knife in the bottom lining of his shoe, according to Yahoo News on July 7.

Why the guy had to have the knife with him instead of checking it in with his luggage where it should have been is unknown to authorities. The man, whose name was not released, was arrested on Sunday after the Transportation Security Administration agents found the knife as the man was trying to board a flight at Detroit Metropolitan Airport in Romulus, reports CBS News.

There are not many people today who don’t know that a knife would provide a red flag in today’s world of commercial aviation. What was this man thinking? More importantly, why was this guy willing to risk arrest to carry a knife with him into the passenger cabin of the plane? These are the questions authorities want answers to.

If it was just about taking the knife with him to his destination, then including it in his luggage would have done the trick and it would have been perfectly legal. It appears that by hiding the knife in his shoe, there was some importance for this man to have the knife with him inside the plane. If authorities know that reason, they have not released it to the public as of yet.

The TSA took custody of the knife and the man was arrested with an investigation underway. This arrest comes on the heels of the news that the TSA is treating dead phones as possible explosives. Passengers boarding international flights coming into the U.S. will be asked to power up their phones. If the phone won’t power up, you run the risk of the TSA confiscating the phone.

The TSA advises folks coming into the U.S. on an international flight to make sure your phone is charged because if it isn’t you do run the risk of parting ways with your personal electronic device, the same holds true for tablets and laptops. This could be devastating to some folks who have their entire life’s information stored in their phones or electronic devices.

This rule was put in place after Homeland Security received information that terrorists may be carrying bombs that are disguised as phones. According to the Guardian, the TSA wants people ready to board a plane with their cell phones and carry-on electronic devices to make sure you have charged them or "they will be thrown out.” Can you just see that parting-of-the-ways scene at an airport? It could be more devastating than a love affair demise!

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