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Man has hiccups for two months straight, can't stop them

Having the hiccups usually isn't fun and sometimes they can be painful! Fortunately for most people, the hiccups only last a few minutes but for one man? He's had the hiccups for two months straight! According to a report, 19-year-old Chris McKernan of Kent, UK has hiccuped over one million times.

When McKernan first got this bout of hiccups in Nov. of 2013, he didn't think much of it -- like most people. However, the next day, he still had the hiccups. And one week later, they still weren't gone. It has now been two months and hiccuping has become part of McKernan's every day life.

Chris McKernan is hiccuping 25 times per minute on average. Despite trying every single old wives tale that he can think of, McKernan hasn't had any luck in ditching the hiccups. McKernan's doctor prescribed him some anti-acid pills but they haven't helped. So, for who knows how much longer, McKernan will still have the hiccups.

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