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Man has eaten only pizza for 23 years

Just another addiction
Just another addiction

This story was floating around the interweb, and just like that tasty leftover pizza after you've already eaten dinner, some things are just too hard to resist. Who is this freak? And why didn't I think of this first? When you see the heading, at first you might be inclined to believe Dan Janssen, our pizza addict, has caught on to something. With the right toppings, pizza could provide carbs, vegetables, dairy, meat, even fruit. But it gets better. He's a vegetarian who hates vegetables, and so only eats cheese pizza: cheese, tomato sauce, and bread.

Dan seems perfectly content with his eating lifestyle, and he claims no one, besides of course his fiancee and some nutritionists, have complained about it. And he just stopped seeing those wackjob nutritionists. I mean, honestly, they were suggesting that he try different foods! And let's get real, Dan's just not going to do that. Dan has discovered one of the wondrous fringe benefits of living in a free country: you're free to make terrible life decisions!

Fortunately, under his fiancee's prompting, Dan has begun seeing a therapist, who, in a completely unexpected psychological twist, discovered that Dan's bizarre diet is linked to childhood trauma, meanwhile doing nothing to help change Dan's choices. Before we stone and then dismiss Dan aside as a social pariah, I want to commend him. All of us walk in destructive life patterns, Dan just happens to be carrying his more in the open, which in the end, works to his benefit.

How can burger chains compete with pizza?