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Man has cockroach pulled out of his ear at ER after vacuum made it burrow deeper

A man with a cockroach burrowing in his ear went through excruciating pain while trying everything he could think of to get the critter come out. According to The Independent on Jan. 10, Hendrick Helmer from Australia went to bed alone and woke up with a cockroach in his ear.

Man has 2 cm cockroach pulled out of his ear.
YouTube screen shot

The pain in his ear was getting worse and he felt as if he had an insect in his ear. He took out the vacuum cleaner and tried to suck out the cockroach, which made matters worse. The cockroach seemed to burrow deeper in his ear, which turned his pain gauge to high.

Worried that his visitor could be a poisonous spider and with the pain no longer bearable, he went to the emergency room of the local hospital at about 2:30 a.m., Hemer said. The doctor at the ER poured olive oil down his ear to suffocate the cockroach. Before the cockroach would die, it burrowed even deeper in his ear probably trying to escape pending death.

The doctor finally used forceps to grab the cockroach. The doctor said she may have been underestimating the size of the cockroach when she called it “little” when first peering in at the insect. This cockroach was 2 cm long, which is a little under an inch. The hospital told him that they have “never pulled an insect this large out of someone’s ear” before Mr. Helmer’s cockroach.

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