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Man gets lost wallet back, thanks to a little white dog

Not the dog in story, this is a Maltese dog named Smarty
Not the dog in story, this is a Maltese dog named Smarty
Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

One Alaskan man is pleased that his lost wallet has been found - and he has a puppy to thank for that, reports the Juneau Empire.

Seven-month old Maltese puppy "Lady Bunny" found an olive green wallet last Monday, and brought it home to her owners, Brad and Bonnie Gruening of North Douglas.

The Gruenings then called Rudy Vonda, the owner of the wallet. Vonda, a sanitation worker with Pacific Waste Management, believes it must have fallen out when he slid out of the cab of the truck.

“I didn’t even know my wallet was missing. I checked my back pocket to make sure,” Vonda told the Juneau Empire. “When the lady said a dog brought my wallet home, I figured it was a Labrador or German Shepherd.”

But when he went to pick up his wallet, Vonda was surprised to find instead a small white dog behind the good nose. The dog’s head, he said, was barely bigger than his wallet.

According to Bonnie Gruening, Lady Bunny brought things home before. “She particularly likes to take our neighbors’ shoes,” Bonnie said.

While Vonda was thankful to have his wallet returned, the Gruenings were glad they - and their puppy - were able to help out.

It wasn’t the first time Vonda had lost his wallet. About 20 or 30 years ago he had lost a wallet, and never saw it again. That could have happened again. The drab-colored wallet could easily have remained lost for a long time. If not for a small white puppy with a good nose.

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