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Man gets 3 1/2 years for stealing a puppy

Dasheik Muhammad-Arnold, 21, of Chicago, was sentenced to 3.5 years on Thursday for stealing two Pomeranian puppies from a store in Lombard last summer. The puppies were stolen June 12 from Happiness is Pets by Arnold and Lydell Smith, 21, who has already been sentenced for the theft and won't be eligible for parole until March 2012.

Two weeks after they stole the dogs, one of the dogs was brought to a veterinarian in Downers Grove for treatment of a gunshot wound to the back of the head. The dog later died. Apparently, the dog was shot with a BB gun. The veterinarian reported the incident to the Bolingbrook Police Department. Smith paid the veterinarian with a check that later bounced. The deceased puppy was traced to Happiness is Pets by a microchip that it had been implanted with.

Police arrested Smith in his Bolingbrook home, where the other puppy was found unharmed. Smith was positively identified in a photo lineup by Happiness is Pets employees. Arnold was later arrested on a warrant.

Arnold will be eligible for parole after serving half of his sentence. Animal cruelty charges were not brought against either defendant because Will County authorities couldn't determine who was responsible for shooting the dog with the BB gun.


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