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Man from Massachusetts grows pea plant in lung

A 75-year-old man by the name of Ron Sveden was brought into the ER one day after an episode of coughing and fatigue.  Sveden had been experiencing symptoms of emphysema over the past few months and when he began coughing more than usual his wife called 911 to have him brought to the hospital.  X-rays were taken and doctors discovered a collapsed lung with an odd, unidentifiable spot on the x-ray. 

Doctors performed numerous other tests to try and determine the odd area on the x-ray.  Several weeks went by when finally doctors found that a pea plant had been growing inside the patient's left lung.  Doctors stated that the pea had traveled down "the wrong way" and he lung's moisture and warmth allowed for it to sprout and grow. 

The patient had the pea removed and is now at home recovering nicely.  Sveden's wife stated:  "God has such a sense of humor. It could have been just nothing, but it had to be a pea, and it had to be sprouting."


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