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Man found dead after 2-day search of his home jammed with garbage

Dallas man missing two weeks found dead in his clutter home.
Dallas man missing two weeks found dead in his clutter home.
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A dead man’s body took two days for emergency workers to find inside a Dallas home so cluttered that holes needed to be cut in the roof to gain access to some of the rooms. The emergency responders were sent to the house on a well-being check after the 67-year-old man who lived there hadn’t been seen since mid-March, according to MSN News on March 30.

The first responders geared up in protective suits and masks to search the home. Carcasses of two dogs and a raccoon were discovered among the filth. Milk jugs full of urine were discovered, which is what the man used in lieu of a toilet since the bathroom was too jammed with junk to get into.

The man’s body was finally located using cadaver dogs after two days of searching the cluttered filth and squalor. It is not known how the unidentified man died, but the medical examiner’s report should offer up some clues when it is completed.

It is not known if foul play is suspected in the death of this man, but homicide detectives are helping in this investigation. One bright spot in all this junk was a little Chihuahua who was still alive among the horrid conditions in the house. The dog named Buddy was taken in by a friend of the dead man to care for.

The friend, Leo Gregg, said that he knew the dog meant everything to his friend. He took Buddy and gave him a bath, cleaned him up and will take good care of him, the man conveyed.

Workers dressed in protective gear helped in the search by clearing piles of clutter out of the house. Dallas Fire-Rescue Lt. Joel Lavender said. “We just could not get around or find anything.”

The workers were seen moving tons of trash from the home including many outdated electronics. Neighbor Mary Pat Rodriguez said in an interview:

"It honestly looks as though if you didn't throw away anything — anything at all for, say, 20 years. That's what your house would look like inside."

The stench was overpowering as the searchers combed through the filth to find the man.

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