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Man found alive in body bag dies two weeks later

Walter Williams -- the man who was found alive in a body bad presumed dead two weeks ago -- has died. According to a video report by Newsy, Williams passed away in Mississippi on Thursday.

As previously reported, Williams was taken from the home he was staying in after he was pronounced dead two weeks ago. He was taken by a hearse to a nearby funeral home but embalmers noticed him moving while he was in the body bag. It turns out he wasn't dead after all. It had been suspected that Williams' pacemaker stopped working for enough time for him to be declared dead but then it started again, essentially bringing him back to life.

A hospice patient, Walter Williams knew that he had limited time left but he and his family were happy to have more time together -- even if it was only a couple of weeks. And his family made sure to double check this time around -- they actually had a good laugh over the situation, keeping positive spirits around their deceased loved one.

Check out the video above for more.

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