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Man Food Watch™: Last-minute Super Bowl food can still be manly

Man-Food Watch™ is a series of recipes for armchair tailgaters who want to raise their game when it comes TV sports and eating. Impress the guys with food that’s hearty, flavorful, easy to make and usually inexpensive.

Let’s just say, that … um … maybe you’ve waited until the last minute to prepare your own Super Bowl feast.

Let’s just say, that … um … maybe you’ve waited until the last minute to prepare your own Super Bowl feast.

Or that you’re a guest at one who's volunteered to bring a dish, and … um … that’s not handled either.

If you’ve been reading “Man Food Watch™” you’ll have been introduced to some easy, man- hearty recipes that maek for great eating before, during and after the game.

The very good new is that you still have plenty of time to make one.

Here are some reminders:

Let’s just say …

Um … maybe you’ve decided to work on the whole food/slow food thing during the new year, and that you intend to field something yummy for the game, but … um … if the dish has too many moving parts it might not get made.

Good news!

While Your Examiner loves to cook, there are times when even she will not go the extra mile to make her own tomato sauce or peel fresh garlic.

Yes, it’s entirely possible to be manly and yummy and still use some previously-prepared elements to cut the cooking time way down without resorting to canned chili and corn dogs.

Here’s a list of brands of prepared food with good nutrition and great flavor that you can use as substitutes in your favorite recipes:

  • Classico® Pasta Sauce – Need spaghetti or pizza sauce in a hurry? You can’t go wrong with Classico. There’s a wide variety to choose from, and it’s easy to add your own twist with other fresh ingredients.
  • Margaret Holmes® Collard greens, black-eyed peas, etc. – When you just don’t have time to wash the collards and soak your peas, you’ll be amazed at the down-home flavor.
  • Kraft® Parmesan Cheese – Don’t pooh-pooh shaker cheese. Kraft parmesan has a nice, nutty flavor for about a quarter of the price of the Italian imports.

So how about it?

As usual, most times it’s just more practical to used canned tomato sauce, some spice mixes, and – wonder of wonders – grocery stores even sell cut-up fresh vegetables now.

You’ve got plenty of time to make that Super Bowl dish that nobody thought you could.



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