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‘Man Fire Food’ is ‘Playing With Fire in New England’ on Cooking Channel

On tonight’s episode of “Man Fire Food,” Roger Mooking, chef, musician and lover of all things smoky and delicious, went to New England in this episode titled “Playing With Fire in New England.”
As the episode begins, Roger is traveling to Plymouth, Massachusetts to meet with cookbook author and archeologist, Paula Marcoux. From her world travels, she has accumulated cooking contraptions all related to Cooking With Fire, the title of her cookbook. With her background in archeology, she is ready to recreate methods of cooking that are rarely used, but let Roger know that women were cooking with fire as long as men were.
Roger built a fire for the German Schwenker Grill, a round metal grill that swings over coals and Paula prepared the boneless pork shoulder, using several spices, onions and garlic. They gave the grill a good swing, to keep it from creating hot spots, and went to another part of the yard, so she could introduce Roger to another method of making fire. She put a rock down and took mussels and stood them up, hinge side up, in a circle around the rock until the circle was about six inches in diameter. Then using dried pine needles, created a nest atop the shells. She subsequently took one coal off the fire and dropped it in the middle of the nest and when it was finished, the mussels were open and ready to eat. Roger was certainly going to use this method again. When the pork was done, they sat on her dock with a beautiful view and chowed down on the pork and beer.
On Roger’s next stop, he visited Brookside Barn and Farm in Uxbridge, Massachusetts where owner David Adamson is famous for his awesome pig roasts. He even rents out do-it-yourself pig roast kits for anyone interested in doing their own delicious backyard feast. Roger saw the pig already on the large spit, and put vegetables inside the cavity, next using baling wire to secure the pig, they wrapped it in aluminum foil and then proceeded to start the fire inside an old oil tank. The pig was rotated continuously via a motor using electricity. The last hour, they put a tray of potatoes under the pig, so the juices dripped down making them more flavorful.
When the pig was beautifully roasted and the potatoes were crispy and done, David made a spice mixture that was sprinkled on each individual piece of pork, and Roger was loving every bite on this episode of “Man Fire Food.”

Roger Mooking loves fire, but food is his favorite!
Photo courtesy of Cooking Channel used with permission
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