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‘Man Fire Food’ hunts for ‘Wilderness Cooking’ on Cooking Channel

Roger Mooking of Man Fire Food at the Jack Mtn. Bushcraft School
Roger Mooking of Man Fire Food at the Jack Mtn. Bushcraft School
"Photo courtesy of Cooking Channel, used with permission."

On last night’s of “Man Fire Food,” Roger Mooking, chef, musician and lover of all things smoky and delicious, traveled to Maine. So sit back, and maybe you will learn something about “Wilderness Cooking.”

Roger traveled to the Jack Mountain Bushcraft School to meet with Tim Smith. In Northern Maine, in the town of Masardis, Roger was about to learn how to make a cooking teepee. After the wood was constructed, and the cross pieces in place, to hang their food over the fire, Tim was ready to teach Roger how to make a fire without matches. He used wood and friction to create fire, and dried grass to get it going. Roger had no success at this endeavor, but trusted the master.

Once the fire was reaching proper temperature, they trussed the chickens and put a chain onto a piece of wood and hung them over the fire. While the chickens were cooking, they guys went fishing in the Aroostook River for trout and Roger caught the first fish. Tim showed Roger how to skewer the gutted fish on a stick. With large logs propped against the fire, they were able to stand the fish over the fire without getting it too hot or burned.

As the chickens and fish were cooking, they made biscuits, using a sourdough starter that Tim guards with his life. He put them in a contraption that he puts right on the fire. When the meal was done, they enjoyed every morsel. The chicken was smoky and juicy, the fish was delicious and the biscuits were perfection. Roger agreed that catching and cooking and making food with your hands is almost as good as eating it with your hands on this episode of “Man Fire Food.”