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‘Man Fire Food’ attends ‘Spring Celebration in Kentucky’ on Cooking Channel

Roger & Richard of Marksbury Farm Mkt made a feast on Man Fire Food
Roger & Richard of Marksbury Farm Mkt made a feast on Man Fire Food
Photo courtesy of Cooking Channel used with permission

On tonight’s of “Man Fire Food,” Roger Mooking, chef, musician and lover of all things smoky and delicious, traveled to Kentucky. So sit back, and imagine you are there with the smells and tastes of “Spring Celebration in Kentucky.”

Roger met with Richard McAllister of Marksbury Farm Market, who invited Roger to his annual spring celebration in Lancaster, Kentucky. Richard and Roger had a flock of spring chickens, after cutting the backs out, then opened them up and seasoning them with salt and herbs, they cooked them in a custom-made outdoor strange-looking contraption inspired by the grills they use in Uruguay. They had large grill surfaces, with chains to adjust the heat.

They first took a portable chimney and filled it with charcoal, and some paper to start the fire. They then stacked oak kindling and large pieces of wood. They put the hot coals on the wood and waited a few hours for the fire to reach the proper temperature. When the fire was glowing, they took shovels and moved the fire under the grill plates and added the chicken.

Roger wanted to make his special side dish to go with the chicken. He took corn, left it in the husk, but peeled the husks down so they had a handle. He then mixed a bunch of spices and seasoned the corn to prepare it for the grill. After the chicken was turned, they brushed it with a butter and herb mixture.

Making this spring celebration was a collaborative effort, because Richard’s friend Jim Budros drove his 5,600 pound wood-burning oven straight from Ohio. This oven was awesome, and arrived on a trailer. Jim insists on preparing Strawberry Rhubarb Cobbler for dessert, using Kentucky bourbon.

The corn that Roger made, was rubbed with coconut oil, lime and exotic spices before roasting, and came to a beautiful caramelized color. Then he and Richard rubbed it again with fresh lime and added more spice rub that was rich with smoked paprika.

The cobbler was perfect, especially when they poured fresh cream over it, Roger loved every bite and nobody had a complaint; as everything was just so yummy on this episode of “Man Fire Food.”

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