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Man finds young adult lion wandering the street and traps it in his car

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A man in the upmarket Bayan district of Kuwait City, Kuwait, found a young adult lion roaming the streets. He lured the animal into the back of his car, although it is unclear if this was a heroic effort to save others or merely a stupid attempt to capture an exotic animal. According to a Sept. 10 report on, the man just sat there with the adult lion in the back!

When the animal's behavior became dangerous, the man called the police. That brings to mind two questions about the story. The first concerns how a determination is made that a young adult lion in your backseat has become dangerous. And, secondly, what would you say to the police?

"Hello, I have a lion in my car; could you please send help immediately."

So, the police arrived and managed to transfer the lion to the police car. They took it to an animal shelter, so everything worked out well. The animal was suspected to be an illegal pet of one of the rich families in the area. An exotic like this would be somewhat of a status symbol.

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