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Man finds abandoned baby he found, in 1955

David Hickman found an abandoned baby when he was just 14.

Man finds abandoned baby he found, in 1955
Man finds abandoned baby he found, in 1955
Getty Images and Spaxia
Man finds abandoned baby he found, in 1955
Dreamstime (with permission)

He was just 14-years-old when he found her. She was a tiny days-old baby and she was left to die in a field in Indiana. That was back in 1955. Dave Hickman was looking for squirrels. Instead he found a baby he would always wonder about.

Hickman heard the sounds of a baby and found the infant, wet and cold and "laying in the brush and sticks ... looking up me," says Hickman.

Hickman is now living in Tennessee but he thought about the infant he found for 58 years and decided to find out where she ended up, says the Palladium-Item,

So last December he decided to start looking in earnest.

Nurses had called her Roseann Wayne because she had been found in Wayne County. Hickman had said goodbye to her as she was adopted by a loving couple. But then she was gone.

It was finally a retired Wayne County sheriff who located her. She is now 58-year-old Mary Ellen Suey, mother of two and grandmother of four. Hickman and Suey plan to meet in May and have talked on the phone. Hickman says she turned into a "very lovely lady."

"It's nice he found her once and has found her again," says San Francisco resident, Alice Marshall. says:
"There was an instant bond between Ellen and me," says Hickman. "It's almost as if she was my baby." Says Suey: "He's my hero."

(See here for the story of a police department that has honored an abandoned baby every year —for the past 26 years.)

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