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Man files lawsuit after being attacked by police in strange jaywalking case

A Chinese man was ticketed by police for jaywalking in New York City but what happened next is pretty strange. According to a report, the man was stopped by police along with several other people -- his ID was requested and when he asked for his ID back, he spoke in Chinese and made a gesture with his hands -- and that set police off.

The man claims that he was mistreated, pushed against a wall and to the ground. The 82-year-old man hit his head and lost consciousness. He also sustained injuries to his elbow, back, ribs, and face. He is now suing the state for $5 million.

To make matters even more curious, the man says that he didn't do anything wrong. He says that he was very humiliated and he felt targeted. It's unclear what gestures this man made to cause police to spring into action, but with a hefty lawsuit being filed, this case is very serious. Check out the video above for more.

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