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Man fakes death to avoid wedding: Wicked case of cold feet backfires on groom

Tucker Blandford’s case of “cold feet” is a memorable one, as he faked his own death just to get out of an elaborate wedding set to go off across the pond this month, a wedding in which he was the groom! Waiting in England for her husband-to-be was Alex Lancaster, who had met her intended while studying in the U.S. last year, according to People Magazine on Aug. 20.

Man fakes his death to get out of his wedding days before the date!
Wikimedia Commons

The two dated and fell in love while both attending the University of Connecticut, according to the Gawker today. They’ve been keeping their relationship going over the year they’ve been separated because Alex’s studies were over and she went back home. From her home in England, Alex has setup an elegant wedding and all Tucker had to do was show up!

Instead he concocted a story, which included him imitating his father while calling Alex to tell her that his son was dead. He had walked out in front of car and was hit and killed. Alex took the news hard, but what was she to do, the man of her dreams was dead.

After a few days Alex called Tucker’s parents in Connecticut to give them her condolences, after all she was almost their daughter-in-law. Apparently Tucker left one stone unturned in this scheme, he forgot to tell his parents of his fake death, according to Yahoo News.

They blew the whistle on him telling Alex that their son was very much alive and kicking. His parents were mortified because he had neglected to tell them he was engaged. Oh what a tangled web he did weave!

Tucker’s scheme worked, but probably a bit different than he had planned because Alex, who was so furious, wouldn’t marry him if he were the last guy on Earth. She had spent thousands on this wedding, even buying his ticket over to England to get hitched.

The wedding was due to go off on Aug. 15, instead Alex vacationed in the U.S. and “made her own memories without him,” she said. As for Tucker, he’ll go down as a lousy choice for a future husband! Alex also said that she doesn’t know if she could ever trust a man again.

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