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Man expecting quintuplets finds out girlfriend was never pregnant

A Montreal man expecting not one but five babies with his girlfriend found out that she was never pregnant to begin with. According to a video report by GeoBeats, 35-year-old Paul Servat got the surprise of a lifetime when his girlfriend told him that she was expecting quintuplets. He was in for another shock when she told him she was never really pregnant.

For months, Servat spent time working on a new nursery and buying all kinds of baby items (including five cribs) -- but he was duped. His 37-year-old girlfriend wasn't even pregnant -- she just had a growing stomach and morning sickness which was super strange considering. When the couple went to the hospital together, the game was up. Apparently there was no record of a pregnancy and Servat was stunned.

No word on how the woman was able to keep up the facade but she was being held for psychiatric evaluation. Also no word on how she got her stomach to grow (unless it was fake and Servat never saw her naked). The couple has since broken up. More on this bizarre story in the video above.

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