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Man endures 7-week erection before getting medical treatment: Rare priapism case

Man endures 7-week erection before seeking medical attention.
Man endures 7-week erection before seeking medical attention.
Photo by WPA Pool/Getty Images

A man endured a seven-week erection before seeking medical help, which landed him in a hospital in Ireland. After two weeks of bandaged pressure treatments in the hospital, the erection still persisted.

This wasn’t an erection due to stimulation of a pill like Viagra, the man had a mountain biking accident leaving him with this rare condition, according to The Independent on Jan. 14.

The condition called priapism is very rare and this man had this problem for 35 days until landing in Tallaght Hospital in Dublin. The hospital was finally able to cure this condition with a treatment that consists of inserting gel foam and four tiny platinum coils at an abnormal artery and vein connection.

The man has made a full recovery and he is able to have a normal erection and leads a normal sex life. When the unnamed man fell and landed on his bicycle handlebars it caused what is caused high-flow priapism.

This condition is so rare that the doctors treating this man were only able to find two other unwanted erection cases that needed this type of treatment documented. What a doctor had done in one of these documented cases was able to be duplicated by the Dublin doctors to treat their patient.