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Man eats boyfriend's heart: Guy uses utensils to eat heart of ex's new love

Man kills his ex-girlfriend's new boyfriend then eats his heart with a fork and knife
Man kills his ex-girlfriend's new boyfriend then eats his heart with a fork and knife
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In a sick and twisted act of revenge aimed at his ex-girlfriend, a man kills her new boyfriend then eats his heart using a knife and a fork, just as if he were having dinner. This South African man uttered "I am the king" while chewing on his rival's organ, according to the Huffington Post on June 12.

The man also continued to declare his undying love for his girlfriend while eating the heart. A neighbor saw this horrific scene through a window and alerted other neighbors, who called police. Before police arrived the neighbors screamed for the man to stop, but he continued with this sick behavior.

The victim was 62-year-old Mbuyiselo Manona, he had been stabbed in the chest and neck and he was also bitten on the face. When the police arrived, they were afraid to go into the room and cuff the man. They called for more backup before going near this guy who must have looked deranged eating a human heart with a knife and a fork.

Opposing Views reports that a neighbor of the victim saw the man through the window of the victim's apartment. He was sitting beside the victim and "digging from the body and stuffing his face." When police arrived he actually had a piece of the man's heart hanging from his mouth.

A witness who said "The whole situation was crazy," also said he didn't blame the cops for fearing this guy "how do you go into a room with someone dripping another person's blood out of his mouth?" The girlfriend, identified as Nomonde Soloshe, is said to be "in a state of shock" over the incident.

This incident occurred in Gugulethu, which is in the Cape Town area of South Africa. According to reports, this is not the first time tragedy has struck in the form of a deadly love triangle for Soloshe.

Another lover allegedly killed her husband back in 1996. While that murder was not as twisted and sick as the one her boyfriend embarked on this time around, she must be one mesmerizing woman to have her ex's kill in a jealous rage.

Update 6/13: The victim, Mbuyiselo Manona was a window contractor and didn't know that the man who had hired him to install new windows in his home use to date his girlfriend. Manona had no idea that the man planned to get him in the house and murder him. The victim went to the home thinking he was there to work. Police say the man premeditated this murder, they add that it was "gruesome" and definitely a murder of jealousy due to a love triangle.

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