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Man eats boyfriend's heart: Suspect attacked girlfriend's ex

Police found a man eating his girlfriend's ex-boyfriend's heart
Police found a man eating his girlfriend's ex-boyfriend's heart
Photo from Ged Carroll via Wikimedia Commons

A gruesome scene in South Africa came about when police found a man eating the heart of his gal's ex-boyfriend. Raw Story shared the details of the bizarre incident.

The woman in the middle of it all told police that her ex-boyfriend had come by the house where she lives with her current boyfriend. They talked for a bit, then the current boyfriend gave her some money and told her to go buy some liquor.

After she left, her current boyfriend stabbed her ex-boyfriend, 62-year-old Mbuyiselo Manona. Neighbors heard yelling and looked through the windows. As they did, they saw the man cutting out the ex-boyfriend's heart. When police made their way into the home, the man was eating the ex-boyfriend's heart.

Huffington Post shares that Manona was stabbed in the chest and neck, and the suspect bit the victim in the face as well. Witnesses say they yelled at the suspect to stop, and even the police were scared to enter the home. The woman, Nomonde Soloshe, is understandably in a state of shock. Interestingly, in 1996 her husband at the time was apparently murdered by her supposed lover.

The suspect has been arrested and he is slated to appear in court soon. Witnesses say that as the man was eating the ex-boyfriend's heart he was muttering “I am the king,” and he was talking about his undying love for Soloshe.