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Man eats boyfriend's heart of ex in jealous-fueled love triangle

Police crime scene tape (file photo)
Police crime scene tape (file photo)
Photo by Mat Hayward/Getty Images

Cannibalism? When a man eats his ex-girlfriend's boyfriend's heart, arguably, this is the first thing that comes to mind.

According to a June 13 news report by The Christian Post , police in Cape Town, South Africa said one man is dead after woman's former lover stabbed him to death and ate his heart -- even while neighbors looked on in horror.

Police officials in the town of Gugulethu were called to a residence in the area after receiving a disturbing complaint from a frantic caller. After arriving to the scene, the first officers learned that a man was deceased inside and another man had removed his heart and consumed it. Accordingly, authorities called for backup before entering the scene of the alleged crime, for obvious reasons.

Soon thereafter, police entered the home and observed the suspect, a man from Zimbabwe, standing over the victim with a knife and fork and mumbling. Additionally, authorities noticed a portion of meat -- victim's heart -- dangling from the side of the man's mouth.

Reports said the unnamed man ate the woman's boyfriend's heart after he arrived at the home unannounced and with unknown intentions. At some point, the suspected killer gave the woman money to go fetch drinks from a local store. A short time later, neighbors observed the man hovering over Mbuyiselo Manona, 62, who was dead after a brutal assault.

The Independent wrote that the attack by the woman's ex appeared to be " motivated by jealousy as Manona had been dating the suspect's ex Nomonde Tshabalala, who has been left in a state of shock."

When we got there the man kept muttering 'I am the king' and declaring his undying love for the woman. He then cut the heart out and ate it before the police came and took him away," the neighbors said of the murder.

Investigators say the dead man had stab wounds on the left side of his chest and neck as well as a bite wound to the side of his face, clear indications that the killing was done in some fit of rage or psychosis.

Some readers suggest the jealous ex-lover killed the woman's new boyfriend and ate his heart because it was a way to reassert his dominance and reclaim his prize -- the girl. It's unknown what truly motivated the man to attack and eat another human being, but not many people can argue against the shocking nature of the event, which brings to mind bath salts attacks and fears of a zombie apocalypse in recent history.

Stay tuned for more on this strange news story as information is released.

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