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Man-eating tigress kills 9

Tiger at the reserve in Uttarakhand
Tiger at the reserve in Uttarakhand
Corbett Tiger Reserve undated file photo released via AP

A man-eating tigress has been terrorizing several villages over a 120 mile stretch in north India, where she has already taken the lives of more than 9 people in the past six weeks. The victims, all poor workers have been grabbed and “taken away silently” in broad daylight as they go about their daily lives.

Despite the fact that the tiger preserve at Corbett National Park is only about 25 miles away, the striped felines are rarely seen. And while the forests in the region are filled with foxes, bears, wild boar, leopards and monkeys, etc., the killer cat has developed a preference for people, leading some experts to believe that she may have either a jaw or tooth problem causing her to seek out the softer flesh of humans. In fact, her most recent victim was an old buffalo herder about a week ago, although none of his animals were harmed.

It was also noted that although hunters take down man-eating tigers almost every year in India, “it has been decades “since a tiger killed as many people as this one, or stayed on the run for such an extended period of time.