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Man drives dead girlfriend across country while she is in the passenger seat

Photo by Joerg Koch/Getty Images

In shocking news, a man drove his dead girlfriend across country while she was in the passenger seat of the show vehicle. On Thursday, KVEO shared the news about this strange story. Ray Tomlinson was driving and his girlfriend died during the trip. He refused to stop the vehicle and just kept driving her across the country.

He has been a bit emotional about it all but also spoke out saying, "There is no crime. It not illegal for carrying a body across the country." This road trip was 1900 miles but he just doesn't seem to understand what he did wrong. His mother was even in the back of the van with him along the way.

He looked up on his phone what to do after she died in New Mexico. Ray spoke out saying, "I said, I went like this you know because she was sitting in the front seat of the car next to me and I just said, you know, 'do you want something?' and at that point in time she was stiff." He found a morgue and took her to it when he decided it was time to stop. Nobody still understands why he never stopped to tell someone he had his dead girlfriend with him.