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Man drives dead girlfriend across country: Ray Tomlinson explains his decision

It's not every day that a man drives his dead girlfriend across the country. However, that's just the situation Ray Tomlinson found himself in this week. The Detroit Free Press shared the details on Thursday of Tomlinson's unusual journey.

Man drives his dead girlfriend across the country
Screencap via ABC7 video

Tomlinson was on a trip from Arizona to Michigan with his girlfriend and mother when things went far off-plan. They were making the trip in a conversion van, and at some point in either Texas or Oklahoma Ray's 31-year-old girlfriend fell asleep and didn't wake up. While most would have stopped, Tomlinson took a different approach.

The Michigan man apparently did a search on his phone and discovered that he had 48 hours to get her body to a morgue or medical examiner. Tomlinson decided that he wanted to get her back to Michigan. He now says he didn't stop because he believed authorities “would have impounded my vehicle, they would have probably incarcerated me to do an investigation and I had a 93-year-old woman in my car that I needed to get home.”

Authorities say that ultimately the man who drove his dead girlfriend across the country didn't break any laws. However, they believe he should have handled it differently. Tomlinson says that if he had it to do over again, he would indeed handle it in a different manner.

As for the girlfriend, whose name has not been released, it seems that the 31-year-old had led a fairly rough life. She was homeless when Tomlinson met her a year ago, and she had been in a medical facility until just before the trip back to Michigan. She had several prescriptions with her, and police are looking into the possibility that she may have overdosed.

Ultimately, Tomlinson says that he “cared too much for her” to have left her behind on the trip. He says he loved her a great deal, and he was in denial when he discovered she had died. The Daily News notes that Tomlinson has not been charged with anything, and the authorities do not suspect that any foul play was involved in the situation that led the man to drive his dead girlfriend across the country.

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