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Man drives dead girlfriend across country in order to get mother home

A Detroit man drives dead girlfriend across country after she died of an apparent overdose during the drive back home to Michigan. A man was trying to get his girlfriend and his mother back home to Detroit after spending time in Phoenix. His 92-year-old mother managed to survive the trip, but his 31-year-old girlfriend died somewhere in Oklahoma or Texas. New York Daily News shared the story of Ray Tomlinson on June 5.

Ray Tomlinson was driving the women in his life home from Phoenix. The trip began on Sunday after his girlfriend was released from a hospital. She was carrying several prescriptions with her during the trip, and one of those prescriptions was for oxycodone. It is believed the woman died of a drug overdose. Tomlinson arrived home in Michigan on Monday night, and authorities think the woman had died 24 hours before. That means she died shortly after their trip began in Phoenix.

Tomlinson did not want to stop to report the death of the woman. He wanted to get his mother home after her time in Phoenix. The man and his mother spent the winter in Arizona, and the woman had traveled down to the city to join them. During her stay in Arizona, she was in the hospital nine times for various issues.

Tomlinson also worried that he would be arrested for her death. He said the following about his decision to keep going until he reached his home in Detroit, according to the New York Post: "I had a 92-year-old that does not travel very well. The priority was to get her home and in a safe place. [If I would have stopped, the police] would have impounded my vehicle, they would have probably incarcerated me to do an investigation."

Tomlinson has been caring for his elderly mother for the last ten years. No charges are being filed, but an autopsy is being done on the woman. When the man and his mother arrived home, he took a moment to cry outside of the van. He admitted to loving the woman very much. Authorities revealed that her body had already started to decompose due to the heat. Tomlinson decided to drive her back to Michigan because he thought he had 48 hours to report her death and get her body to the authorities.

His plan was discovered before he reached his destination though. Someone called the woman's cell phone during the drive, and he told the person on the other end that she was dead. That person told him to call the police immediately, but he still continued on his drive home. The police arrived at the man's home in Michigan on Tuesday, and that is when this bizarre story made national news. The man did reveal that he could have done things differently, but he was overcome with grief due to the woman's death.

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