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Man drives dead girlfriend 1,900 miles across country without stopping

A woman dies on a road trip from Arizona and a Michigan man drives his dead girlfriend some 1,900 miles across the country without stopping. Monday, Ray Tomlinson arrived at his hometown of Warren and finally notified police of his companion's corpse. According to an updated June 6 MSNewsNow report, the distraught man is not charged with a crime as the woman likely died from a drug overdose.

High winds blow sand across the highway near the original north shore of Owens Lake
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Details of the man driving his dead girlfriend across the country suggest the road trip began on June 1. Reports say Tomlinson and his 93-year-old mother (some sources report her age as 92) traveled to Arizona recently to escape the cold and harsh winter of Michigan. There, he met and befriended a 31-year-old woman, who was homeless at the time and waiting for her boyfriend to be released from jail.

Reportedly, the woman struggled with mental health and substance abuse and has been in and out of treatment facilities in Arizona at least nine times. And days before she was picked up by Tomlinson, she voluntarily checked herself out of the Aurora Behavioral Health Systems campus in Glendale. In her possession was a prescription for Oxycontin, according to information obtained from My Fox Phoenix .

Then, on June 1, the Michigan man and his mother picked up the woman and they set out on a return course back to Warren. After a short drive to Flagstaff, the trio stopped at a store, where the woman used the public restroom. It is here where police think she took the fatal overdose of the prescription medication.

The next day, at about 5 a.m., the man tried to wake the sleeping woman, to no avail. And when she slumped over, it was obvious the woman died, possibly somewhere between Oklahoma and Texas during the trip.

"There are some indications there may have been some drug usage. She gets back in the van. (It) looks like she died quickly, almost immediately after they left the gas station." ~ Warren, Michigan Police Commissioner Jere Green.

Faced with a menagerie of emotions, Tomlinson searched the Internet via his mobile phone on what to do with a dead body. One of those searches suggested he had 48 hours to report a death, so the man continued the drive home with his dead girlfriend across the country.

After just losing a "close friend," he said "I cared too much for her." Simply put, he didn't want to leave the dead woman alone in the hospital; she's been alone for quite some time with her personal struggles and Tomlinson wanted to afford her a decent burial.

In fact, the man continued driving across the country with his dead girlfriend even when a hospital worker from her discharge facility called to remind her to check in a hospital near Detroit upon her arrival.

Although the man’s behavior was quite odd, there is no crime in using bad judgment under duress. In short, he didn't violate any laws and foul play is not suspected.

Several sites are making parody of a delicate situation, but in the end, a once living and breathing human being is gone way too soon and a man who called her his friend is left to mourn the loss.

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