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Man drives dead girlfriend across country: 93-year-old mother is along for ride

A cross-country drive with his girlfriend's corpse has one man in headline news today. The woman was strapped into the seat belt, wearing sunglasses and holding a stuffed animal after she had died on the road trip.

Man drives cross country with girlfriend's corpse in seatbelt and wearing sunglasses.
YouTube screen shot/ Channel 7 ABC News

Ray Tomlinson's girlfriend died sometime during a road trip from Arizona to Michigan and instead of stopping he decided to drive home with her decomposing body sitting right where she died, according to Gawker on June 5.

Tomlinson was with his 93-year-old mother when his his 31-year-old girlfriend died in his van, the three were on this road trip together. At first he thought she was sleeping but when she failed to wake up, he touched her and she was cold, he told the media, according to the New York Daily News today.

He had his mother with him and he knew if he had stopped, there would be an investigation and possibly police may even incarcerate him while investigating. He said he thought they might even impound his vehicle in the investigation.

He worried about getting his 93-year-old mother home, who is wheel chair bound. He also wanted to take his girlfriend to their home state and not leave her body in a strange place.

He looked it up on the Internet and found that legally he had 48 hours to take her to a medical examiner or a morgue after she passed away. Tomlinson had picked his girlfriend up from a medical facility in Arizona and was heading back to Michigan. The deceased girlfriend's name has not been released because her family has not been contacted yet.

She had signed herself out of the Arizona facility on May 28 and Tomlison had come to pick her up and take her home to Michigan. They stopped on the way home and she had several prescriptions filled. One of those prescriptions was for the heavy-duty narcotic drug, Oxycontin in a 30 mg. dosage.

The story gets even more bizarre as police were made aware of Tomlinson's ride across the country with the corpse of his dead girlfriend from the facility she had just checked herself out of. Staff at the facility had called Tomlinson while on the ride home to see how his girlfriend was doing and to schedule a follow-up appointment for the woman once she got home to Michigan.

Tomlinson told them she was dead. He also told them how he thought she was sleeping, but she was cold. He also said that he knew he was in some kind of trouble for not stopping. The police met Tomlinson and his mother when he returned home. The body was transported to the medical examiner.

The Oxycontin 30 mg bottle that the woman had filled before leaving Arizona was empty. This suggests that she died of a drug overdose. The toxicology tests won't be back for a few weeks, so there is no official word of a drug overdose yet.

Tomlinson is not in any trouble, as police said he did not break any laws. They also report today that foul play is not suspected in this case. Tomlinson said he lost a good friend, when talking about his girlfriend.

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