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Man drags and kicks paralyzed senior dog on streets of Tijuana Mexico

UPDATE: It is with a heavy heart to report that this senior passed away while in his foster's care. His wonderful temporary foster mom, Maricela Alvarado, stated that:

Man dragged, kicked, dumped paralyzed senior dog on streets of Tijuana
Man pulls, kicks and dumps senior, paralyzed dog

She had him in her care until he could come to US for rescue. The vet did not have a good prognosis - but she had him home with her. She said he drank water and would bark for her to pet and comfort him - which she did He passed on his own.

If there is anything positive that came of this, it is that he left this world feeling loved with much tenderness. Thank you to all independent rescuers south of the border, who went above and beyond to save this old-timer. Thank you to all of you who networked and generously pledged to help with his vet care. And, thank you to Grand-Paws Senior Sanctuary and Lionel's Legacy - two rescues that were willing to take in this poor boy. RIP, sweet old man.


Tijuana, Mex. - A lady witnessed something on the morning of April 4 that stopped her dead in her tracks. She saw a man dragging a soaking wet, paralyzed and elderly dog away from his house by the chain around his neck and proceeded to kick him right on the streets of Tijuana.

According to the facebook post, a woman from the same house from which the male abuser emerged with the dog then sicced two pit bulls on him. Her intent behind that one last act of cruelty on a helpless creature is unknown. What is apparent is that such behavior can only be committed by a person with a depraved mind.

Sadly, animal neglect and abuse are not unusual in this neck of the woods. With poverty still widespread throughout the city, animal welfare is at the very bottom of this city's agenda. Anyone who thinks that people who abuse or abandon animals in this city will face criminal charges will be sorely disappointed. There are much more serious matters with which law enforcement must contend, such as drug cartels. Nevertheless, the facebook post requests people who witness animal abuse to report it to "#066," which is the equivalent to "911" in the United States.

Thankfully, another man also saw the incident. He confronted the male abuser and immediately took the seriously injured senior dog away from him. Photos were taken of the dog and posted on facebook along with a plea for a rescue to help.

Homeless and abused border animals rely on the compassion and kindness of independent rescuers to save them. After seeing the facebook post of this sweet senior, animal rescue advocates from south of the border rallied to help the beaten senior. One or more individuals picked up the dog and took him to see a veterinarian. Another lady offered her house for very temporary shelter; while others helped a little with funds to pay for the dogs medication and food.

Upon initial examination of the senior dog, he could not walk and it was unclear whether it was because he was weak due to malnutrition, or something else. After he was examined and treated by the vet, Laura, a compassionate independent animal rescuer who resides in Tijuana, reached out by email to her rescue contacts in Southern California for help, as well as to provide an update on the senior's status. In one of latest emails, Laura said:

Hi guys, the dog is already safe (but in critical condition). The vet said that he has 15 years old, he hurts his head (swollen brain and possible skull fracture) :'( he has bites all over his body, we don't know what happened to him, I supposed that another dog attacked him and then he was abused by those horrible people. The vet gave him an injection of antibiotic, anti-inflammatory, and Monday has to go to the vet again. The dog can walk itself! :) We are requesting your help for him, the kennels here in Tj are full, and we, as independent rescuers, have a full houses as well, but we couldn't let him in those conditions :(

For the reasons Laura states in her email, a rescue is desperately needed to save this old-timer. He needs a warm place to rest his weary head for the short time he has left on this earth. He deserves it.

If there is a rescue that is willing to take him, please send an email by clicking here. If you can make a financial pledge towards this poor guy's future vet care, again, please send a message to the same email address. All honored pledges will go to the rescue that takes him.

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