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Man Down Alarms are Important Assets in Correctional Security

Correctional security has been a hot topic in Quebec this summer. Indeed, 3 inmates escaped from the Orsainville prison by helicopter on June 7th and questions regarding security management in Quebec’s prisons have been raised since then. While the discussions are primarily about finding more ways to prevent inmates from escaping, nothing has been said about the security of prison workers, especially prison guards. In this article, we will explain how man down alarms are important assets in correctional security.

What are Man Down Alarms?

Man down alarms are alarms that use ultrasound technology to wirelessly send a help signal to a central receiver once a panic button has been pressed. The signal is then sent to people that are able to help so they can intervene as fast as possible to help their colleague that is in trouble. This process is very fast (the central receiver receives the signal less than 5 seconds after the panic button has been pressed).

Such alarms can send signals to many kinds of devices including cell phones, portable radios, display panels, computers that are equipped with buzzers and even pagers, making them very flexible security systems that contribute positively to correctional security.

Why are They Important?

Workplace security should be a priority for every business manager and it has to be the top priority for dangerous workplaces like prisons. Indeed, people working in these facilities almost always face dangerous situations during their shift. On top of this constant level of danger, they often work alone.

Given these facts, the importance of man down alarms is obvious as they are one of the only means that lone workers such as prison guards have to call for help when they are in a precarious situation. They also prove that they should be a part of any thoroughly organized correctional security plan.

Who can Help Prison Managers With Their Security Needs?

Setting up a complete dangerous workplace system with all the required alarms and hardware is a complex task that cannot be taken lightly. Luckily, prison managers can hire experts in correctional security such as Nordicom to help them to undertake a project of this nature. Specialized companies in this field will take time to listen to their clients’ needs in order to advise them on the most appropriate solutions regarding their security infrastructure.

This concludes our article on why man down alarms are important in correctional security. We hope that you learned more about how prison workers can be protected during their shift with panic buttons linked to alarms.

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