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Man dies in work related crash in Bensalem

Bensalem Police  confer at the crime scene
Bensalem Police confer at the crime scene
Emergency News Network

Bensalem first responders were called to the scene of Negrete,s Auto on the 4000 block of Bristol Pike, abound 4:00 p.m. just near the border with Croydon. August 4 2014. They had a report of a man trapped under a car. When they arrived, the man was pronounced dead on scene by EMS crews.

His identity has not yet been released, but police were told he does not speak a lot of English. Apparently, the man was working on a customers car and the car was raised up on jack stands. One of the stands collapsed and that caused the car to fall on top of time. Workers at the scene tried to do what they could but the weight of the car falling to too much. There were no other injuries.

When fire and EMS arrived there was nothing much for them to do. The crime scene unit was called and was pulled into the parking lot. Police cars were pulled to the side of the road, causing motorists to slow down and gawk at the scene. About all those passing in their cars were able to see was activity. The actual incident was around the side of the building, towards the back.

Crime scene tape was strung to help protect the scene. Residents and guests of the Radford Hotel from across the street.would stand on the side of the road to observe what was going on. Twp. cops called in OHSA to help with their investigation. They will look to see if the jack stands were defective or if there was anything unsafe about how the man was working. It is standard procedure to call OSHA for any work related deaths ,

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