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Man dies in hospital waiting room unnoticed: Found dead after 8 hour ER wait

Man dies in ER waiting room and went unnoticed. He died after waiting 8 hours to see a doctor.
Man dies in ER waiting room and went unnoticed. He died after waiting 8 hours to see a doctor.
Photo by Don MacKinnon/Getty Images

A man died in an emergency room waiting area after being there eight hours, waiting to see a doctor. Joe Verrier went to a Bronx hospital with a rash at about 10 p.m. and he was found blue, stiff and of course unresponsive at about 6:40 a.m. the following morning, according to Fox News on Jan. 27.

The hospital reviewed the video footage on the surveillance cameras and they were able to see that the man was still alive at 3:45 a.m., but that was the last time he was seen alive on the tapes.

The St. Barnabas Hospital officials found that the staff followed all the protocols, so basically they are saying their hands are clean. There was nothing they should have done differently. The man’s name was called three times, but he didn’t answer.

This was probably because he was dead at the time they were ready to see him. According to Fox News live on Monday, the average wait time at the St. Barnabas Hospital is almost twice the amount of time as the national average of hospitals. 306 minutes is what the New York Post reports is the average waiting time for this particular hospital and they confirm that it is almost half the national average for the nation’s emergency room.

If the hospital staff started calling the man’s name at their average wait time of 306 minutes, which is about five hours from the time he arrived, then he was probably dead when they called his name. They said they called his name three times, but even if they called him 100 times, if was after 4 a.m. in the morning, then he was already dead, indicated by the camera footage.

The hospital’s initial response was that all the guidelines were met and what happened wasn’t the result of something that someone on staff did. Apparently one hospital employee didn’t agree with his employer’s assessment of the situation saying “For me, it feels like a cover up.” This unnamed employee claimed the man died because there wasn’t enough staff to care for the amount of patients that come through the door.

Verrie’s brother had no idea of the circumstances surrounding his brother’s death until he saw how his brother was found dead in a chair in the ER on television news.

Verrie’s brother said:

"You're just a number no matter where you go," his brother stated. "That's how they treated him, like a number."

This case is still under investigation today and hopefully they will find a safe guard against something like this happening again.

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