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Man decapitates self: Scene of gore unfolds in suicide on busy Bronx street

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A very gruesome scene took place on a street in the Bronx Monday morning when a New York man decapitated himself. The 52-year-old man tied a chain around his neck after securing the other end to a pole and got in his car and stepped on the gas, causing a scene that no one should ever have to witness.

According to WPIX New York on Sept. 2, the man who lives in upstate New York, tied the metal chain to a pole on the street and the other end he put around his neck and when he accelerated his car, his head flew off. Seconds after his head was torn off, his car hit a parked car and the force ejected his body out the car window.

As the Huffington Post reports, this man’s decapitation suicide happened in broad daylight, it was just 9:30 a.m. on a day many had off from work because of the Labor Day holiday. This was done in the middle of a busy Bronx, New York street.

Police do not expect any criminal activity and are looking at this incident as a suicide. The man is identified as Tomas Rivera. He was driving a Honda CRV at the time of his death. He was pronounced dead immediately, as he was decapitated at the scene, reports EMS News.

You can only imagine how much pain this man was in to do something like this. Committing suicide is not a rare act, but putting a chain around your head so it will be pulled off as you drive away is a very rare act of suicide.