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Man decapitates self: Hair-raising suicide leaves gruesome scene on busy street

Man decapitates self in the most gruesome way possible
Man decapitates self in the most gruesome way possible
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Man decapitates self: In an appalling decision, a 51 year old man killed himself in a gruesome beheading that was witnessed by motorists and passersby. The headless corpse left by the horrific suicide was lying in a Bronx street, law enforcement sources said. The shocking incident occurred on Monday in the Hunts Point neighborhood of the Bronx, a Sep. 2 Reuters report revealed.

Police identified the man as Tomas Rivera,51, of Port Jervis, whose car kept going down the street until it hit a parked car. The following text is how the NY Post says the man decapitated himself: The 51-year-old man attached a metal chain to a pole on Longfellow Avenue around 9:20 a.m. Sitting in his car, he then wrapped the other end around his neck and hit the gas of the white 2005 Honda Pilot. As the car shot forward, the chain tore his head from his body.

The vehicle continued down the road and crashed into another car that was parked, the impact threw the headless body of Rivera to the pavement. People who passed by and saw the gruesome scene told 911 operators that they thought it had been an accident.

Later when authorities investigated the man's decapitation, they realized what had really happened. Investigators watched Rivera's elaborate suicide unfold in a surveillance video which confirmed the dreadful sequence of events.