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Man decapitates self: Horrific suicide in broad daylight shocks witnesses

Man kills himself by decapitation on busy street
Man kills himself by decapitation on busy street
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In a gruesome scene that unfolded in broad daylight and was captured on video, a man decapitated himself on a busy Bronx street Monday. Police say 51-year-old Tomas Rivera parked his 2005 Honda CRV near the intersection of Randall Ave. and Longfellow Ave. on Monday morning before reportedly tying a chain around his neck, securing it to a pole then proceeded to hit the gas on his vehicle.

A report from the NY Daily News explained that after Rivera hit the gas, he slammed into a parked car and was decapitated. His body was ejected from the car and he died at the scene. The man is reported to have died instantly and no criminality is suspected, according to KCRA.

The Inquisitr said in its report that pedestrians and motorists passing by the horrific suicide scene thought the crash was due to an unintentional collision. However, accident investigators, using information contained on the scene and surveillance footage that captured the fatality on the New York street, they concluded the man took his own life although there is little information beyond the initial investigation at this time.

As of the time of this report, no motive has been offered as to why the man decapitated himself and why he had in fact chosen this particular way to end his life. The area is notorious for extreme poverty and its high crime rating including open prostitution on the streets and rampant drug taking including heroin use and smoking crack.