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Man decapitates self: Rips own head off in gory suicide on busy Bronx road

Man decapitates himself on Bronx street at 9 in the morning in a gory scene that no one should have to witness.
Man decapitates himself on Bronx street at 9 in the morning in a gory scene that no one should have to witness.
Photo by Rob Kim/Getty Images

The gruesome scene of decapitated man on a busy street in the Bronx Monday morning was first thought to be the result of a car collision. Further investigation through eye witness accounts and area surveillance videos pointed to a gruesome mode of suicide.

According to The Inquisitr on Sept. 2, a man put a chain around his neck and attached the other end to a telephone pole then got in his car and gunned the gas. A very disturbing scene of gore was left behind in the aftermath of this suicide.

The 51-year-old man from upstate New York took his head off within moments of stepping on that gas pedal for the last time. The car sped ahead and hit a parked car with the force from that impact ejecting the man’s headless body out of the car and landing in the middle of the street, reports The Spread It today.

The man identified as Thomas Rivera drove his 2005 Honda Pilot, a sports utility vehicle, to the area of 521 Longfellow Ave. near the Randall Ave intersection in the Hunts Point section of the Bronx. It was a pole in front of 521 Longfellow Ave. that was used to secure the chain that was about to go around the man’s head and decapitate him in a rare means of committing suicide.

Witnesses to the suicide and people in the neighborhood seeing the aftermath of the decapitation were horrified to say the least. With the recent beheading of two American journalists at the hands of ISIS terrorists saturating the headlines, this decapitation was “particularly unnerving,” reports The Inquisitr.

At first glance, the man looked to have been decapitated in the collision, but as soon as the police scanned the area it was apparent that this was a suicide. The gore of this scene coupled with the dread and despair of learning how the man took his own head off was very disturbing to folks in the area.

Rivera left a suicide note behind, but the police are not revealing the contents of that note. The man’s family in upstate New York has been notified of his untimely demise.

While this is one of the most violent ways of committing suicide most have probably ever heard of, it is also very rare. While the Inquisitr reports some folks online are applauding Rivera for his creativeness, but this is not the type of creativeness that anyone should want to applaud.

This man truly wanted to die, as he left no possibility of being saved after he successfully completed the deed he had planned. The ten most common methods of suicide is listed on the website Frater, but as you might suspect, this method is not mentioned at all.

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