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Man cuts open porcupine looking for a valuable mineral, delivers baby instead

In weird news, MSN reported on March 30 that a man cut open a dead porcupine in the hopes of finding a valuable mineral. Instead of getting what he was looking for, he ended up delivering the porcupine's baby.

Man delivers baby porcupine while looking for something else

It happened on Thursday when Jared Buzzell of Lisbon, Maine, was searching for wild mushrooms. While on his quest, he witnessed a porcupine getting hit by a car in Minot. He had heard that a valuable mineral deposit formed inside the bellies of porcupines. The mineral is used in Chinese medicine and decided it would be a great opportunity to cut open the animal to retrieve it.

When he cut the porcupine open and stuck his hand inside, it wasn't the mineral he grabbed, but a baby instead. So he lifted the newborn porcupine out and cut the umbilical cord. He thought the baby was dead just like it's mother, but he started massaging it and it began to breathe.

Even though Buzzell didn't get what he was searching for, he did save an animals life and is currently caring for the baby at his home. He doesn't intend on keeping it, though. He said that he will be handing it over to a license wildlife rehabilitator.

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