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Man creates glow-in-the-dark ice cream

The history of ice cream can be tracked all the way back to 54 to 68 BC though it has certainly changed since that time. Even within the last 50 years there have been major innovations in ice cream. However, nothing even comes close to what one man from Buckinghamshire, England is doing with his special brand of ice cream. According to an article published by Yahoo! News on April 8, Charlie Harry Francis has created a glow-in-the-dark ice cream.

Man creates glow-in-the-dark ice cream
David Paul Morris/Getty Images

Yahoo! News reports that Francis, who is known for creating outlandish edible treats like flammable sprinkles and even ice cream made from a fire extinguisher, has created an ice cream that glows in the dark.

Reports indicate that Francis used a synthesized jellyfish protein to make the ice cream glow, but he stresses that the ice cream doesn't actually contain jellyfish. Although he says he can make a jellyfish flavored ice cream if someone requested it.

Francis told reporters that his glow-in-the-dark ice cream is safe to eat, but he can't market it just it because his recipe still has to go through the approval process. That said, he says he believes it will be available soon.

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