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Man convicted of second degree murder after his 4 pitbulls kill a woman

On Friday, a jury convicted a California man named Alex Jackson, 31, of second-degree murder after his four pit bulls mauled and killed a 63-year-old woman named Pamela Devitt. Last year, while taking her morning walk, Jackson’s pit bulls attacked and bit Devitt at least 200 times. She suffered a horrific death from blood loss. Authorities said the deep bites exposed bone.

Pamela Devitt was viciously attacked and killed by pitbulls owned by Alex Jackson.
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They also claim Jackson was negligent because he knew his dogs were dangerous. The dogs had been involved in seven other incidents before killing Devitt. Littlerock residents had carried guns and weapons for protection against the dogs. Previous complaints involved the dogs jumping the fence and preventing the post office from delivering mail to the Jackson home. Several horseback riders said the dogs attacked them while they rode horses.

A judge will sentence Jackson in October. He faces 24 years to life in prison. Alex Jackson’s brother Vincent claims that authorities are making an example of Jackson. Whenever dog attacks involve deaths, owners can be charged with murder if they are proven to have known the animals was dangerous.

Authorities discovered that Jackson had eight dogs in the home he shared with his mother. He claims not to have known about his dogs previous transgressions. An animal control officer testified that Jackson had referred to the property as “the lion’s den.”

Devitt’s husband Ben wants Jackson to be punished. He said people need to understand that their dogs can be dangerous. More information about this story is available at Fox News and the L.A. Times.

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