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Man convicted of killing trooper, now accused of beating dog to death

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A LaFayette , N.Y., man previously convicted of causing a state trooper's death, is now facing charges for animal cruelty after he allegedly beat a dog to death, reported Monday's Syracuse News.

James Carncross, 28, is accused of beating a small Dachshund, named "Buffy," to death this past Friday at his girlfriend's home in Pompey.

According to a subsequent publication of Syracuse News, the three-year-old dog, who belonged to Alexa Harris, had a fractured skull, which was revealed in x-rays which were taken at an area veterinary clinic.

Carncross had initially told his girlfriend that he thought that the dog died from a heart attack - he later changed his story and said that he had kicked the dog down the stairs; blood in the snow revealed that the dog suffered a traumatic blow of some sort.

Carncross was just released from prison on Jan. 2 - he has been serving time after being convicted of aggravated criminally negligent homicide and reckless driving for causing a state trooper's death during a high speed chase in 2006.

Carncross is facing a felony charge for Buffy's death; he was sent to jail.

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