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Man convicted of killing little boy who was protecting his sister

Osvaldo Rivera murdered a little boy who way trying to protect his sister
Osvaldo Rivera murdered a little boy who way trying to protect his sister
NY Daily News/MSN

A man in New Jersey was convicted of killing a six year-old boy. The boy was trying to protect his sister from being sexually assaulted by the man. The man was found guilty of felony murder and numerous other charges.

Osvaldo Rivera’s guilty verdict came after the jury deliberated for less than three hours. Rivera, 33, is set to be sentenced on Oct. 23 and faces life in prison.

Law enforcement authorities reported that Rivera broke into the home where the children were sleeping and tried to assault the little 12-year old girl. The children were home alone while their mother was in the hospital recovering from surgery. The little boy tried to intervene and stop the sexual assault on his sister.

Rivera slashed the two children’s throats. The little girl managed to escape and run to a neighbor’s house for help. There were two other girls, nine and 14, in the home however, they weren’t injured.

When Rivera was arrested there was a lot of speculation as to whether he was under the influence. Some said he was smoking marijuana laced with PCP and even others claimed he was drunk at the time of the attack. Authorities didn’t bring this up at trial as there was no conclusive evidence to back up the claims.

Additionally, prosecutors used Rivera’s escape route to debunk the claims of being under the influence. According to the prosecutors, Rivera’s escape revealed he had a clear awareness of having committed a crime. He leaped fences during his escape showing he did indeed possess balance and coordination that would be unlikely in someone who was so intoxicated that they didn’t know what they were doing.

In addition to the felony murder conviction, Rivera was found guilty of murder, attempted murder, aggravated sexual assault, burglary, making terroristic threats, weapons offenses and two counts of child endangerment.

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