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Man confesses to church vandalism; Living without religion campaign expands

This is a print of the billboard in Niagara Falls.
This is a print of the billboard in Niagara Falls.
Center For Inquiry via Channel 4 News website

Here is the latest religion news in Buffalo today.

Church vandalism:

A man confessed today to the vandalism of church statues at the St. Philip the Apostle Catholic Church in Cheektowaga NY. The man, 30 year old Michael Taylor, a homeless man, confessed to police that he did the crime because in his words, "God's law supersedes New York law." He was questioned by police after the police found him reading his Bible. He was also found with notes similar to the ones he left at the church. He later confessed and showed them the hammer he used to smash the statues.

Police detectives say that he showed no remorse for his crime and that he said that he would be "rewarded by God."

He has been charged with second degree criminal mischief, and he has also been sent for psychiatric evaluation.

Link to original story in Channel 7 News:

Living without religion:

The Center For Inquiry, a skeptical organization in Amherst NY, devoted to questioning the supernatural, paranormal, religion, and superstition, has expanded a billboard campaign called "Living without religion." The purpose of the campaign, according to Ronald Lindsay, CEO of the Center for Inquiry, is to make people aware that atheists and agnostics, even though they do not believe in God, can and do still share the same values that religious people do, including caring for fellow human beings, love, kindness. People who don't believe in God can still be loving, kind compassionate and generous human beings.

The most recent posters are in Niagara Falls NY, but there are signs in such places as Grand Rapids, MI, Durham NC, and Washington DC. The ads were supposed to also go up in Knoxville TN, but the billboard company refused, saying that the ads would be offensive to a large sector of the community.

Link to original story in Channel 7 News: