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Man clings to trunk: Insane video of man clutching speeding car, breaks window

A man clings to a trunk of a moving car in a high-speed chase that was captured on video this week. The insane clip of a man literally clutching the back of a white car in Charlotte — going so far as to break the back window in order to try and enter the vehicle — has gone viral in just a few days online. WNCT News shares what information is known by North Carolina police at this time in this video that looks straight out of an action flick this Tuesday, July 1, 2014.

Man clings to the back of a car's trunk in insane video
Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

While driving with her children down the busy Interstate 77 in Charlotte this weekend, a woman was absolutely stunned to see a man clinging to the trunk of a speeding car, seemingly holding on for dear life. Witness Brenda Cruz said that one of her kids first noticed the unbelievable sight, which was soon uploaded to YouTube in a video that has garnered dozens of thousands of views already and counting.

"All of a sudden the kids say, 'There's someone on top of the car on the trunk,' and I'm like, 'What?'" Brenda Cruz recalled. "I said, 'Let me get my phone,' and started recording him riding it."

Other motorists on the road soon also noticed the man clutching onto the back of the white vehicle, and slowed down to either watch the insane spectacle or make sure they didn’t get caught in an impending accident. As seen in the linked video, a man can be seen holding on tightly to the trunk portion of a sedan, which is estimated by police to be speeding at over 50 miles per hour along the hectic interstate at the time the clip was captured.

According to Opposing Views, the man was somehow clutching to the back of the car in a way that seemed to defy human possibility. Witness Brenda Cruz’s teen son actually thought the man was just a dummy attached to the trunk for the first few moments he recorded the video. But the joy rider didn’t just clutch the sedan — it soon used some object to smash open the glass in the back windshield, breaking the window.

After doing so, the acrobatic man was reported to be brushing aside the broken glass to crawl inside the white car. Although it just looks like he broke through the back windshield with just his fist, witnesses to the insane sight said he had some large, sharp object that was used to crash through the window above the trunk.

Apparently, the Cruz family wasn’t just recording the video for kicks. They were worried that the target in this man clings to trunk clip might actually hurt the driver inside (who was a woman) or the child in the backseat. Brenda’s son Samuel, said:

"I'm really worried because I just hope she's OK, you know, with her kid.”

In the middle of the unbelievable high-speed chase, local police authorities received a number of emergency calls about the speeding car and its external passenger. Unfortunately, patrol officials say they do not possess enough information at this point in time to further look into the issue, though they have determined that if they are able to track down the car’s driver, she will be criminally charged with putting the man clutching for dear life to the vehicle in danger. At this time, it is believed that a domestic disturbance might have escalated and eventually led to the harrowing ordeal as seen in the video.

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