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Man charged with animal cruelty after tossing puppy from moving vehicle

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Joseph Kennedy was arrested and charged with two felony counts of cruelty to animals for tossing a puppy out of his truck while traveling at fifty miles per hour. The reason for throwing the puppy away was that he didn’t care the animal.

The incident was witnessed by other residents in Cornville, Arizona according to an updated news report today from AZ Family. The puppy was immediately taken to an emergency veterinarian clinic in the area and revealed the puppy suffered a significant amount of brain damage.

The puppy was named Hope and the professionals that worked on her had hope she would pull through. This little one is deaf and blind on one eye. The damage done to her from being thrown from a moving car did cause a lot of harm to the little pup. The YSCO Animal Control Officers have been involved and monitoring Hope’s progress and care and has reported that she is doing well and is now in a foster home.

Joseph Kennedy was booked and in the custody of the Camp Verde Detention center with a $17,500 bond. He will also be charged with possession of dangerous drugs and paraphernalia. When his home was searched authorities found methamphetamine which were in three personal use packages. At the time of the arrest Kennedy resisted and was forced to be handcuffed before deputies could detain him.

At the time Hope was thrown from the vehicle Kennedy also had his eight-month old child in the truck. The baby was sent to a sitter before the arrest and he refused to tell the police where his son was so they could check on his welfare. The child was eventually located, was fine and now in the custody of the child protection services in Cottonwood.

Hope now has a new life and home – thank goodness there are people who appreciate the love of animals and are willing to give her the life she deserves to live with love and caring!



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