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Man charged after scalding dog and intentionally running her over

Rest in peace Sassy
James Westergard via

According to Friday's, a 22-year-old Bay City, Mich., man is facing a felony charge for allegedly running over a dog on purpose.

A few days before her untimely death on Jan. 22, the dog, a Schnauzer named "Sassy," had been rehomed to the girlfriend of the alleged killer, Aaron A. Bellor.

Bellor claims that he accidentally poured boiling water on the dog and he panicked when her fur began to fall out and she was crying.

Rather than seeking veterinary assistance, Bellor told the authorities that he put Sassy into the car and drove to Portsmouth Township - there he let the dog out and intentionally ran her over with the car. A witness reported the disturbing incident to the police.

A day after a warrant was issued for Bellor's arrest, he turned himself into the police; Bellor said:

I had a guilty conscience about it, I called and I turned myself in,

Sassy's former guardian, James Westergard, is devastated over Sassy's death; he stated:

I’m so upset,”

She was such a good dog. I just found out about it today.”

Sassy was given to Bellor's guardian just three days before she was killed - the dog's former guardian had moved away and was unable to take the dog along. Westergard had believed that Sassy was in good hands with her new owner.

He expressed his disbelief over what happened:

I’m still trying to wrap my mind around how someone could hurt Sassy,

She was beyond a good dog and was a true asset to anyone’s family, so why this happened is beyond me.”

Bellor is due in court on Feb. 24.

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