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Man caught having sex with neighbor's dog on surveillance video for second time

Utah man arrested after his neighbors caught him on video tape having sex with their dog, for the second time!
Utah man arrested after his neighbors caught him on video tape having sex with their dog, for the second time!
Photo by John Moore/Getty Images

A Utah man was caught on a neighbor’s surveillance camera having sex with their family dog and then the man left the dog’s pen open so the dog could escape. This man was caught having sex with this same dog last year and arrested, but apparently that didn’t deter him a bit from doing it again.

According to The Salt Lake Tribune on July 11, Melvin Parley Pace was arrested for a second time related to the allegations that he had sexual relations with the family’s dog. When they found the gate open in 2013, the family installed a camera and they caught the 65-year-old man in the act again.

On the camera Pace can be seen entering the dog run for the purpose of having sex with the dog. He was just charged in December of two misdemeanor counts of bestiality, lewdness and criminal trespass, but he entered into a plea deal where most of the charges were dropped.

The lewdness charges were the only charges that weren’t dropped and he was placed on probation for a year and received a suspended jail sentence for the charges of lewdness. Because the family found the dog run open again in the spring they installed the camera and the man is seen on the video having sex with the dog.

Thursday Pace was booked on suspicion of five counts of bestiality and lewdness with priors and seven counts of trespassing. The dog run is in full view of many homes and businesses in the neighborhood. Where the man had sex with the dog was in full view on anyone walking by or for someone looking out the window in the surrounding buildings.

While most would like to think that this disgusting act is a rare event, it is not that rare. According to The Tampa Tribune at the beginning of this year, a Tampa man was arrested for having sex with a pit bull as neighbors watched in horror.

The neighbors pleaded with the man to stop and leave the dog alone, but it was to no avail. This horrifying sight was very disturbing for the neighbors to see. Besides being arrested for having sex with an animal, Hillsborough County slapped animal cruelty charges at Bernard Marsonek, who was 57 at the time.

Marsonek had eight pit bull dogs, which were taken away from him by the Animal Services investigators. Another man in Florida was arrested about a year ago for the second time for having sex with his dogs. He too was charged with animal cruelty. This was the second time in a month the man was arrested for sexual activity with his dogs, according to News 10.

James Lyons was caught when a neighbor noticed one of his dogs had injuries. This man owned two dogs and they were both removed from his home.

It is not known why the Utah man wasn’t charged with cruelty to animals. The dog the man forced himself on is a kangle, which is a large Turkish dog breed. Male kangles can grow to 145 pounds. Why didn’t this man get any charges of cruelty to this dog? As you can see by other cases, that is one of the first charges brought against the other men in similar cases.

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