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Man catches baby: Hero hailed for rescue as child falls from window ledge

The video showing a shocking moment as a man catches a baby as it falls from a second-story window in southern China has gone viral. ABC/Reuters shared the details on Friday of the situation where the hero caught the baby and drew worldwide attention. He may not consider himself a hero, but many others most certainly do.

A hero caught a baby as it fell from a window in China
Screencap via video

The situation happened in the town of Xiaolan in the province of Guangdong. It seems a man identified as Mr. Li, a shopkeeper, happened to notice the 1-year-old had climbed out onto a window ledge during a thunderstorm. The man positioned himself under the window, preparing for the baby to drop.

It took a moment, and others rushed to try to help, but then the man caught the baby and was able to safely return him to his mother. Another man identified as Mr. Hu stepped in to help with the catch at the last moment. Others had tried to position items that might help cushion the fall if the man catching the baby was unable to do so securely.

Mr. Li is being hailed as the hero who caught the baby, but he says he didn't think much of it at the time. He notes, “I was just afraid of failing to catch him.” Mr. Hu added that “it was nothing but human instinct” to stop and try to ensure the child was not injured.

CBS News shares that it is believed the baby had somehow climbed onto the ledge looking for his mother. The incident showing the man catching the baby of course ended up being caught on tape. Clearly it didn't take long for it to garner international attention. While few circumstances regarding the baby's situation or family have been disclosed, everyone who has seen the video is relieved that the man caught the baby and ensured he could return home safe and sound.

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