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Man calls 911 because wife's coat zipper got stuck

A man called 911 in somewhat of a panic when his wife got "stuck" in her jacket. The Oregon man was getting frustrated that his wife couldn't get her coat off because the zipper was stuck -- so he decided to call for emergency help. In a video report by GeoBeats, you can hear the exchange between the man and the 911 operator -- and it's definitely worth a listen.

Concerned and doing her job, the 911 operator calmly asked the man if his wife was breathing. He told the operator that his wife was just fine -- but that she couldn't get out of the coat and needed help.

The 911 operator asked the man if he tried cutting the coat off and he told her that he didn't want to because it was "a nice jacket." Moments later, the fire department showed up at the couple's home and helped the woman get out of the coat (though it's unknown if they cut it off of her or not).

The phone recording is being used as part of the "You Called 911 For That?" campaign in Washington county.

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