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Man buys 'penis enlarger' online, magnifying glass delivered: Scam awareness ad

Man buys penis enlarger online and gets a magnifying glass delivered!
Man buys penis enlarger online and gets a magnifying glass delivered!
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Buying products online can be risky and you might not get what you thought you were buying. One case in point is the man who purchased a "penis enlarger" online for an astronomical amount of money. When his product was delivered it not only was a jaw dropper, but a disappointment to boot!

The man's penis enlarger was nothing but a magnifying glass with instructions to hold it up to the penis to enlarge the image. It also came with the warning "Do not use in Sunlight." The guy got what he asked for, a penis enlarger, but this is not exactly what he thought he was buying, according to the Malaysia Chronicle on June 4.

This story is a hoax, but a comical one to point out the perils of doing business online with people and places you don't know. This story was published by MCA Public Service and Complaints Department Chairman, Datuk Seri Michael Chong. He stressed at a press conference this week that there was a method to the madness of this story.

The website First to Know, which reported on this story yesterday, said that the man purchased the penis enlarger for $167, but received the magnifying glass instead. On June 3, everyone thought this was the real deal. It wasn't until today that the head of the Public Service and Complaints Department came out with the hoax and the reason he had for doing this.

As head of the department that fields all the complaints from consumers, he is trying to get the word out that caution is the best way to go about online buying. People didn't know this was a joke at first, but he got all kinds of phone calls with people laughing about the magnifying glass being sold as a penis enlarger.

Everyday he deals with online scams, like the guy who ordered a jet ski, but it never came, or the man' whose high-end phone came with the wrong components inside. He said if "humor is what it takes to get the message to sink in, then where's the harm in it?"

He went on to tell about cookware that exploded after a few uses and put the user in the hospital and they nearly died. His message is straight forward, be careful when shopping online. His unique way of getting the message out had folk's laughing around the globe with this story!

He wanted to advertise the dangers of purchasing online, but he wanted to do it in a way folks would remember. He hit the nail on the head with that one. His ultimate goal was a success as folks all over are reading his story about the poor man who gets a magnifying glass delivered as his "penis enlarger." It looks like online shopping can be risky!

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