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Spider 'blowtorch': Killing spider with makeshift blowtorch causes house inferno

Man burns down his home trying to kill a spider. He used a can of spray paint and a lighter to make a torch!
Man burns down his home trying to kill a spider. He used a can of spray paint and a lighter to make a torch!
Wikimedia Commons

A man trying to kill a spider burned down his rental home after creating a make-shift blow torch to burn the insect with eight legs. This wasn't the safest way to go when killing a spider, but by the time the man figured this out his house was in cinders, according to the BBC News on July 17.

The house sustained enough damage that it was deemed unlivable and the Red Cross has supplied temporary housing for the man whose spider exterminating skills went very wrong and his mother. Using a can of spray paint and a lighter, the man aimed a stream of fire at the spider on the wall and while the spider burned to a crisp, the wall caught fire.

According to USA Today, this fire got so big that the neighbors scrambled to hose down their own homes so they too wouldn't catch fire. One neighbor said he saw flames coming out of the side of the hose accompanied by popping sounds.

While the spider did get annihilated in the process, the wall caught on fire and the flames quickly spread. The Seattle Fire Service reports that the man and his mother escaped the fire without injuries.

The man tried to put the fire out himself, even dosing the wall with buckets of water. The flames spread too fast for the fire to be contained by just one man with buckets of water. Kyle Moore of the Seattle Fire Department said that he is pretty sure the spider did not survive this fire. The wall that the spider was originally on is no longer intact.

The firefighters were in a tough spot fighting this fire because they received reports that ammunition was going off inside the house because of the fire. This left the firefighters no choice but to fight the fire from the outside of the house because going inside with live ammunition igniting could have been fatal.

When it was later confirmed that there was no ammunition in the house, the firefighters entered the abode and fought the flames inside. By then the fire had spread through a portion of the interior of the house.

Once the fire was out, the damages were assessed at about $60,000, which is one expensive exterminating fee! Moore said "There are safer, more effective ways to kill a spider than using fire." This was a lesson the man with the make-shift torch will probably never forget.

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